Yogi Says, “Breathe Easy”

credit: uvahealth.com

credit: uvahealth.com

Remember when you were three or four and used to love playing doctor? Yeah, me neither. :P It’s funny how our bodies seem to act like undercover doctors, forcing you to rest when needed. I should just convert our house into an infirmary and be done with it. :P That’s what happens when you have kiddos though. I like to think of it as a never-ending game of Ring Around the Rosy or perhaps Duck-Duck-Goose? Hmmm…I think I’ve “Goose” a few times too many lately. :/

I thought I had finally kicked the loop during Thanksgiving break, only to wind up sick again after that Saturday’s trail half. Apparently, that was the straw that broke the horse’s back…or was that a camel? Either way, it left me hacking a lung and cozying up on a recliner at Urgent Care by Sunday evening. The diagnosis, another nasty virus and a bad case of bronchitis.

Hardcore Running & T-30 minutes from hacking up a lung

Hardcore Running & T-30 minutes from hacking up a lung

Now, I’ve “unofficially” diagnosed myself with bronchitis before. You know, via WebMd’s Symptom checker? You go on there for a runny nose, sore throat, junky cough and out pops nearly a dozen highly contagious diseases, all in the name of saving a $35-$50 copay visit! O.O





With an official diagnosis under my belt this time around, I can honestly say bronchitis is no joke. I’m not sure which one is worse, a sinus infection or bronchitis. In a matter of 24 hours, I became a crumbled heap on the couch barely able to climb one flight of stairs. Everyday activities suddenly felt like I had been running in high altitude with a corset bound tightly around my chest. As if the endless fits of coughing weren’t all the rage, my chest went from feeling like it was on fire to aching to someone sitting cross-legged atop me singing “na-na, na-na, boo-boo!”

That’s pretty much been my entire past two weeks since Thanksgiving. I’m happy to say that it’s getting better, but I still can’t go two flights of stairs without getting winded, and there are times I have to sit because of the tightness. I did get the go-ahead from my doctor to start up yoga and light strength training. Yoga does wonders at opening up the airways gently. Even the everyday novice can add in some simple shoulder lifts and half spine twists!

Brooks, Running Skirts, InkNBurn care packages!

Brooks, Running Skirts, InkNBurn care packages!

I even got a chance to try out some of my latest workout gear, since my running gear is sitting idle for the moment. Care packages from Brooks, Running Skirts, and InkNBurn! While everyone and their mother were out battling the Black Friday, erm, Thursday crowds, I enjoyed shopping from the comfort of my laptop. :D

Ain't NOBODY gonna take my SPARKLE today! :) *Headband by Running Skirts*

Ain’t NOBODY gonna take my SPARKLE today! :) *Headband by Running Skirts*

So that’s what the teach will be up to for the rest of this week, yoga and light strength. I’m aiming for a short run this weekend, but my trail marathon at the end of this month is officially marked out. I’m still ecstatic to get the green light to at least get up and do something, anything! As much as it pains me not to run, I’d rather heal up and come back at 100% strength than put in a series of mediocre runs that will, inevitably, leave me side-lined anyway. …and on the bright side, at least this happened during my down season versus the peak.

Pre-3 mile hike, sportin' my Cherry Blossom T by InkNBurn

Pre-3 mile hike, sportin’ my Cherry Blossom T by InkNBurn

Which has me wondering, why do you do yoga, and what is your fav pose?

InkNBurn Cherry Blossom T

InkNBurn Cherry Blossom T

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4 thoughts on “Yogi Says, “Breathe Easy”

  1. I hope you are feeling better!

    I’ve done bikram yoga a few times and LOVE it. Lately I haven’t been there because I’ve been so focused on training for Goofy Challenge next month which leaves me with no time for yoga. Boo.

    I love the gear you got. Are you also sponsored by InkBurn and Running Skirts?

    • I’m still coming back from that respiratory infection. My lungs really took a beating from it. I still have a sore shoulder muscle from a month ago because of it! >< Yoga has helped me with getting lung capacity back. :) I'm not officially sponsored by RS or INKnBurn. I'm enjoying the opportunity to try out new pieces and am really enjoying the funky, confident pieces of INKnBURN. That skirt capri by Running Skirts rocks too!

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