Smart Ones: Who Knew Quick n’ Easy could be THIS GOOD!

credit: Heinz Company

credit: Heinz Company

Life is hectic, and as a teacher, my lunch usually equates to what I can scarf down in 10-15 minutes. Usually, it consists of a sweet potato and humus/pita bread, a protein shake and a piece of fruit, or oatmeal with Greek yogurt. Basically, anything semi-healthy that requires minimal effort on my part. I’ve been known to grab fistfuls of sugar snap peas, and eat them as snacks! <3 sugar snap peas! I do allow myself to pop in a frozen meal once a week, which I always look forward to with giddy glee! Warm, inviting, and again, minimal effort on my part. :P


Over the past two weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to sample Weight Watchers Smart Ones meals, courtesy of Women’s Health and my position as a 2013 Women’s Health Action Hero. My picks, Lemon Herb Chicken Piccata and Creamy Pasta Ramona with Spinach. The Creamy Pasta truly lived up to its name, creamy and dreamy. You would think it would be chalkful of calories but at 230 calories and less fat than eating out, this meal will keep you satisfied and full longer! Perfect for pasta lovers that enjoy a sinful sauce!

The Lemon Herb Chicken was my fav with its generous dose of mixed spring veges and playfully, light sauce. At 250 calories, this tangy little number is sure to please!



*Portion Control made easy

*Mix of grains, vegetables, and fruit keeps you full longer

*Low calories and overall fat grams

*Meals are ready in 5 minutes!

*Light flavors for every palate

Creamy Pasta Romano with Spinach

Creamy Pasta Romano with Spinach

***As with any frozen meal, convenience product, or canned food item, moderation is key. Sodium content is often higher for these foods. ***

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2 thoughts on “Smart Ones: Who Knew Quick n’ Easy could be THIS GOOD!

  1. dwmsrn

    Thanks for the information. I generally avoid frozen food meals. However, when I do “indulge”, low sodium is key for me. In fact, my eye goes right for the label comments concerning sodium load per serving. My goal: 200-300mg.

    • Very true. I limit mine to 1x a week, and on that day, I watch everything else like a hawk. :P What brands have you found that stay in the low sodium range?

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